Welcome to Lezley Lynch Designs.  Located in Edmond, Oklahoma.
LLD has been enhancing the homes, businesses, and lives of clients
in the Oklahoma City metro area and beyond for over 10 years.  
Specializing in custom hand-painted murals, decorative painting,
trompe l'oiel , hand-painted furniture, and customized decorative and
faux finishes, LLD has an exceptional record of customer satisfaction
that is punctuated by the fact that over 90% of new
jobs are created by word-of-mouth customer referrals and repeat
business from satisfied clients.

With a background in interior design and a life long passion
and talent for all things artistic,  Lezley Lynch has a well rounded
concept of design and an
ability to pull from that
knowledge to create designs
that not only flow with their
surroundings, but actually
enhance them.  Lezley's
creations are born out of
a unique understanding that
they are not only an extension
of the space in which they
occupy, but also a statement
of the ideas and values of
the people who inhabit
those spaces.

Custom Murals
Girls Rooms
Boys Rooms     
Nurseries                                   Trompe l'oiel Ceiling Tin           
Trompe l'oiel

Decorative Painting

Hand-painted Furniture

Custom Decorative & Faux Finishes

Initial consultations have a $50.00 fee that will be
credited to final invoice if bid is accepted.


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